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Buying a villa by the sea in Spain is not only a dream and a profitable investment. This is the best option not only for relaxation, but also for permanent residence with family and children. We offer the most elite "turnkey" villas from developers. We individually approach each person, due to excellent knowledge of the local real estate market and precisely selecting best property for each client. Our task is to select a villa based on your goals, verified by independent experts and to warn against possible errors and problems, in process of concluding a sale and purchase transaction.

In our data base, hundreds of diverse offers, among which, even demanding customers can find their own unique wish and buy a villa in Spain. We are perfectionists and will provide a high level of service and complete transaction support: consulting and legal advice, mortgage registration, full after-sales service. We are the leaders of the real estate market in Spain, we not just try to sell the property, because we help to make a dream come true. We would like to have you along our Friends. Welcome to Canary Islands.

Benefits of Tenerife island

Reasons to buy a villa in Tenerife. Volcano Teide
Volcano Teide
The main highlight of Tenerife is the Teide volcano. You can see it from all sides of the island. Teide Peak is the highest point in Spain. From above, you can enjoy a gorgeous panorama of the surroundings. If you are lucky and there are no clouds, you will see the neighboring islands. The weather can be different, and if your beach is sunny and +25, this does not mean that Teide cannot rain or even snow in winter.
Reasons to buy a villa in Tenerife. Mask gorge
Mask gorge
The gorge is shrouded in stories of pirates and their treasures. Says that there used to be their loot cache here. Today the village is quite small; 120 people live here. And the gorge is a picturesque trail with beautiful views and access to the Atlantic Ocean.
Reasons to buy a villa in Tenerife.  Loro water park
Loro waterpark
Loro water park is both a botanical garden, a zoo and a dolphinarium. In addition to 1000 parrots, chimpanzees and gorillas, dolphins, meerkats and otters, sea lions, tigers, flamingos and cranes, alligators and turtles and many other animals live here. This entertainment is not only for children, but also for adults.
Reasons to buy a villa in Tenerife. Island climate
It is not for nothing that Tenerife is called “the island of eternal spring”. The change of season is not felt here. And swimming in winter is as pleasant as in summer. The climate of Tenerife is recognized by NASA as one of the best in the world! Some sources say that the island has 4 climatic zones. Others - that 17. Let's not look for the most honest of them. Let's just say that you will not find anywhere else such a diverse and rich nature and such a paradise climate.
Reasons to buy a villa in Tenerife. Tenerife beaches
Tenerife beaches
There are beaches for every taste. And for young people who love parties. And for families with small children. Jardin Beach will surprise you with its unusual black volcanic sand. El Duque Beach Troya Beach is for nightlife lovers, as there are many nightclubs here. El Medano Beach is the largest beach on the island with a length of almost 2 km.
Reasons to buy a villa in Tenerife. The forests of Tenerife
The forests of Tenerife
Tenerife is an exceptional island. This is almost the only place where you can sunbathe on warm beaches, visit a volcano (where it can rain at the same time) and visit wonderful primeval forests. They conquer with their power and mystery.
Reasons to buy a villa in Tenerife. Diving and fishing
Diving and fishing in Tenerife
You will not find coral reefs here. But local diving is attractive underwater volcanic landscapes. You can swim with turtles! If diving is not for you, then fishing will definitely be appreciated. The fish near the coast of Tenerife is really huge! You can fish both from the shore and at sea.
Reasons to buy a villa in Tenerife. Taganana
The fishing village of Taganana is surrounded by high cliffs that protect it and shelter it from the outside world. It's like a world of its own, bright and kind. Nature has preserved its innocence, and people follow their traditions. The village is located on the very shore of the ocean, right next to the raging waves. This is a favorite spot for surfers. The beach is rocky, without sun loungers, lifeguards, and crowds of tourists. This is the place for true connoisseurs of nature!
Reasons to buy a villa in Tenerife. Siam park
Siam park
This is not just a water park, it one of the best in the world! Extreme water slides, The Lost City playground and Sawasdee mini slides. The pools have sandy beaches, and the water is heated in winter. And every hour in the pool of The Wave Palace, artificial waves up to three meters high are turned on.

Our customer reviews

buy villa in Tenerife reviews
Made a wedding gift to our children! Bouth a villa by the sea. Agent have heard all your wishes, took into account the amount and found a small villa. Children are thrilled! And me too! I did practically nothing, the whole team of Maxim worked for us, they just called and reported to me and then received the keys to the house. Thank you for your honesty and professionalism!
buy villa in Tenerife reviews
Good day! We could not decided for a long time to buy a villa, chose for a long time, looked closely, went around several agencies. Mortgage went really showed us what we wanted, what we dreamed of. They took into account all our wishes and the price, because the budget was limited. There were no problems with public notary and registry. Everything was done quickly enough and without any problems. Although we thought that there would be red tape with all this. We are very happy with the purchase! Thank you Maxim. Best of luck to you!
buy villa in Tenerife reviews
Hello. Half a year ago I bought a villa. All the time I couldn’t say thank you, moving, household issues, etc. Maxim and his team are good specialists. Picked up a mansion for my family. We got a mortgage.The whole agency worked for us. We were very worried, because it was a first time I made a such big purchase. But everything wen't well. Recently, played a big house party! Thank you Maxim!
buy villa in Tenerife reviews
Dreamed of a villa by the sea for over 10 years. I was afraid that they would be a problem as I don't Speaking Spanish, and could be potencial cliente for scammers. Our days they're everywhere. Accidentally saw an advertisement on Facebook, just looked, then wrote. But there was no trust. They called me back, told me everything, answered all questions. I was looking for some kind of catch))) As I later realized that I was worried to much. I had to do it earlier. Now I have lived in the Canaries for a year already. All questions were resolved for me, with the docks and lawyers fiddled with, but without fuss. Every step and they called me and reported. The guys work without cheating, always aware of everything that happens. Thank you. Will recommend for other friend !!!
buy villa in Tenerife reviews
I told all my friend's about your company. Maybe I'll get a discount or a bonus latter).
I will say one thing, guy's are honest, they will offer a lot of options. They know their stuff!
buy villa in Tenerife reviews
My husband dream of buying a villa by the sea in Spain. Didn't know how to approach this issue, because it was a bitter experience. First, we left a request, we got a call back. And only then we came to look at several options. We were very careful about this. After completing the deal, breathed out , all whent calmly, because realized that were dealing with the professionals! Thanks guys!
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